EDCAMP 2020 Sessions

⭐️May 24, 2020 SESSIONS ⭐️

⭐️May 13, 2020 SESSIONS ⭐️

Using Twitter & Other Social Media To Grow Your PLN

Twitter/PLN Google Slideshow

Twitter - EdCamp Presentation 5/13

Using Jamboard to Create Collaborative Lessons

qoy-rxdq-hya (2020-05-13 at 07:58 GMT-7)

Virtual Field-Trips

Seid Virtual Field Trips.mp4

⚡️April 29, 2020 Sessions⚡️

Student Directed Learning- Lauren 

Collaborative Doc- Student Directed Learning

choiceboards collab doc

Wakelet by Margaux

Seesaw with Julianne

Drag and Drop Google Slides - Kim Babjak

Virtual EdCamp Session (2020-04-29 at 07:02 GMT-7)

Google Forms with Tara N.

Google Forms EdCamp (2020-04-29 at 07:00 GMT-7)

Google Meet - Albig, Lavelle, Davola

Google Meet EDCamp

Wizer.me with Kate Sheil


April 15, 2020 Sessions

Teacher's College / Digital Learning - Lindsay Werner & Irene Mendonis


Google Slides

google slides edcamp.mp4

Video Creation with Dan Seid


Video Lessons - Peter Santoro


eBooks and Audiobooks - Margaux Calemmo