GIMKIT is an interactive digital quiz-style game that can excite and inspire learning. Similar to Kahoot!, Gimkit allows educators and students to create multiple choice questions from scratch for any topic area and it also allows users to import Quizlet sets to easily create a “Kit.” One of the motivating features within Gimkit is the ability to earn “money” (by getting answers correct) and using the “money” to buy various power-ups, such as earning more points per question, gaining additional points when on a streak (getting two or more consecutive answers correct), and using insurance if a question is answered incorrectly. Teachers receive a data report at the end of each game that shows the overall class and individual student responses. The data makes this a helpful tool for formative assessment, providing students with quick feedback, and identifying areas that need to be taught/re-taught.


Watch this video below to learn more about how GIMKIT works!

How to sign up for a GARDEN CITY GIMKIT account. Please note, if you have already purchased a subscription on your own and you upgrade with your GC email, you will automatically be REFUNDED by Gimkit for any unused time left on your subscription,

Please use you GARDEN CITY GOOGLE ACCOUNT to register for your Gimkit account so that it will work within CLASSLINK.


Please click the following link to connect to the Garden City MS GimKit Premium Account: